DOMINO will be at The Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival this Saturday. The festival is located at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church, 275 North 8th Street Brooklyn, NY. 12-9 pm Free and open to the public

We will have LOTS of new books at our table. Here are SOME of them:

Face Man by Clara Bessijelle

20 page PREVIEW edition. Full edition will be available in late December.

Spider Monkey #1 by Jesse McManus with Austin English

36 page comic with color cover.

Violence Valley by Jesse McManus. Self contained epic published by Floating World.

3 Stories by Clara Bessijelle. 20 page zine, collection older Bessijelle minis.

Here I Am by Austin English. 32 page zine, featuring Here I Am story.

The Archer by Nate Doyle. New cover reprint of a classic comic.

Time Spent in Brandon Man by Jonathan Petersen. We will have a lot of Jonathans hard to find zines at the show.

Our friends at Revival House Comics will have these following books debuting at the DOMINO table:

Trigger #2 by Mike Bertino

Everything Unseen #2 by Drew Beckmeyer

We will have a ton more stuff, some of which I just dont have images for yet. Come by and sift through everything—the table will be weighted down with crazy publication, some of whcih are being printed up as we speak!

If you’re at the show, be sure to check out the great programming, curated by Bill Kartalopoulos. At 2:30 I will be speaking on a panel called ‘Gestural Aesthetics’:

“individualistic modes of expression, they have been infused with new influences from other fields of art including printmaking, collage and painting. Additionally, new printing technologies have permitted the reproduction of artwork that more closely shows the work of an artist’s hand. Austin English, Dunja Jankovic and Frank Santoro will discuss new aesthetics in comics with moderator Bill Kartalopoulos.”

2 Comments on “DOMINO at BCGF”

  1. jose-luis says:

    Good seeing you at BCGF! Is that Dark Tomato t-shirt going to be online? It’s kind of amazing.

  2. Hey Jose! Write to Sakura. She is selling the shirts.
    Yeah. they are really great!

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