Face Man and Spider Monkey available for orders!

Domino Books is proud to announce the publication of two new books. Face Man by Clara Bessijelle (available for PREORDERS only. All orders placed now will ship in late December/Early January) and Spider Monkey #1 by Jesse McManus with Austin English are now available in our webstore. Look for both books in stores in early January.

Domino will be tabling at The Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Fest on December 3rd. (Located at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church, 275 North 8th Street. Brooklyn, NY 12-9 pm. Free and open to the public). Please come by—we will have TONS of books, zines, art books, etc etc etc. Copies of Spider Monkey will be available for sale, as well as preview editions of Face Man. Also available at our table: Dark Tomato #1 by Sakura Maku, The Disgusting Room by Austin English, zines and mini comics by Nate Doyle, Everything Unseen #2 by Drew Beckmeyer, Midnight Special, Ögonaböj, and Print on the Nose by animator Peter Larrson, and zines from Elisabet Ericsson. Most artists listed above will be at the Domino table throughout the event.

Here is some info about our new books:

Face Man by Clara Bessijelle

$5, 24 pages. Color cover with black and white interiors

Available for PRE-ORDER. All orders placed now will ship in late December/early January

A theater critic attends an incomprehensible play. Forced to write about the it, he finds he can’t remember a single detail. He attempts to ask the box office clerk to summarize the plot but instead she misunderstands him and the critic finds himself forced to view the performance a second time. While sitting in the theater, a man begins to follow him, always one step away. Slowly  the critic becomes entangled with events that will force him to question his ‘identity’—a problem that sets him onto a collision course with he powerful Identity Group.

Drawing in a rich, highly detailed style (rendered entirely in graphite) Clara Bessijelle creates eccentric characters dropped into lush environments. In Face Man, her longest and most ambitious story yet, we find characters that are at once personal and alien. Their actions are sharp, coldly humorous but their reasoning is often warm. Every drawing is teeming with patterns and concealed clues, like a Will Elder drawing from a forgotten era. Face Man is a stand alone work, full of strange power.

Spider Monkey #1

$5, 36 pages, color cover with black and white interiors.

by Jesse McManus and Austin English

Spider is a small boy living in a kinetic pinball city. He spends his time with his sister who enters their home every day with a ritualistic flair. Spider’s best friend is a small creature named Nako who he speaks to constantly. In fact, Spider is learning to communicate with animals of all kinds. In the first issue, we meet Spider’s idol, Emeric Powell, who has his own designs on animal communication/ Spider-Monkey is a tour de force from artist Jesse McManus (Kramers Ergot 7), working from a script by Austin English, incorporating horror manga, childrens comics and fantastic golden age elements into one beautiful comic.

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