3 Great Books from BCGF

The Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Fest was last week—DOMINO had a great time tabling and getting Spider Monkey and Face Man out there. There were SO MANY many great comics at the show that people were nice enough to hand us. I’m gonna talk about 3 of my favorite books from the weekend.

This is an incredible collection of recent short stories by Dunja. Brilliant on their own, they have a real authority together. The printing in the book is impeccable, presenting this work with the elegance it deserves.

This collaborative zine by Dunja and Cody Brandt was another favorite from the show.

I don’t think Dunja has these books available for order on her website yet so contact her at
if you’re interested in them. DOMINO will be distributing CIRCLES soon.

Molly Colleen O’Connell’s
Jazzin on The Classics was another incredible book we picked up. Molly’s next book DIFFICULT LOVES will be published by DOMINO sometime in the middle of next year. Until then, everyone should check out this oversized tabloid spilling over with beautiful drawings:

I also don’t see this book on Molly’s website yet, so shoot her an email if you want a copy—mollycoconnell@gmail.com

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