My Friend Perry Preview

MY FRIEND PERRY, the story I’ve been working on since April, is done. I finished drawing it this week—DOMINO will be publishing the story alongside my story Here I Am! as a 40 page, full color book called THE LIFE PROBLEM. Look for it sometime inearly 2012. Here is an ample preview of pages from PERRY. To help with funding the publishing, I’ll be offering pages from the book for as low as $300. If you’re interested in seeing more of the book, email me and I can send you a PDF. Anyway, on to the pages (no particular order to these):

4 Comments on “My Friend Perry Preview”

  1. YES! this shit is next level. it scares me deeply.

  2. […] are some in progress pages for a new story I’m drawing. This one, along with My Friend Perry, Here I Am, I used to Live on ridge Street, Greatest Fear and Disgusting Room will all become one […]

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