Svensk Sommar Semester

Summer winding down here for DOMINO as we make the big leap from Sweden to NYC. Here are some photos of the Swedish countryside where Clara and I were staying this Summer.

We planted onions, parsnips, carrots, parsley, potatoes, marigold and red beets.

Jeez, why are we leaving for NYC exactly? The reasons are looking a bit abstract.

Aw just kidding. We love ‘the gritty city.’ One thing we’ll be doing there is publishing Clara Bessijelle’s THE MAN WITH MY FACE in December. Clara has been keeping a folder of images that she uses in collages—photos below. More about this book later:

FInally, as anyone who knows me can guess, I’m pretty shaken by what’s happening with Dylan Williams. I don’t know if there’s anyone in comics or art that I’m closer to or care more about than Dylan. I have a lot to write and say about Dylan but don’t have the proper words yet—I feel like, for now, those are things I have to tell Dylan personally. Dylan is my dear, dear friend and also (as he is for so many people) one of the main reasons I stuck it out with making art when I wasn’t so sure of myself. Dylan believed in me when I wasn’t even sure if I did.

I think all the public outpour of love and affection for Dylan is really beautiful—all I can do right now is urge everyone to go to the Sparkplug store and buy as many books as possible. I went there last week and got some wonderful comics. You can also get involved in an art show put on by the best comics store in the world.

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