Here we are, day 2 at Domino Books HQ.  Just time for some quick previews’s a sequence from Dark Tomato #1. This is how the story begins.

OOOOF, those look so good!

Aaaaaannnnnd here’s a sequence from my new book The Disgusting Room


OK, thats all for previews for a bit. These books are out now and meant to be read on paper, capiche?

Be sure to go to MOCCA this weekend. Sparkplug will be there with Disguting Room and other amazing books. Also, be sure to stop by the Full Orange table (B11)—-Sakura will be there with ORIGINAL ART from Dark Tomato and other amazing stuff (she’s tabling with Fay Ryu, one of my favorite artists). Wish Domino coulda made it—but have fun without us.

Come on back tomorrow…brand new story, by me, on the stories page.

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