I Never Promised You a Rose Garden in the DOMINO shop!

We’re happy today to be able to sell the first two issues of Annie Murphy’s incredible series I NEVER PROMISED YOU A ROSE GARDEN. Check it out in the DOMINO Store and below!


I Never Promised You a Rose Garden #1 by Annie Murphy


I Never Promised You a Rose Garden #2 by Annie Murphy

New New New Books in DOMINO Shop!

More new books added to the DOMINO shop!


Low Light by Tristan Wright



1-800-Kravlox by Isabel Reidy


True Friendship Now by Isabel Reidy


Shitty Lover by Isabel Reidy


Complete Early Works of Austin English (set of 5 books)



MORE New Books in the DOMINO Shop!

Well, we’re adding new beautiful items like there’s no tomorrow around here AND continuing to tinker with the site. So in addition to the following NEW items, there’s a half dozen restocks/things-found-hiding-in-the-inventory-that-we-thought-were-sold-out (whew!). So start browsing the store NOW and check out all these amazing new additions. Comics paradiso!

when the cover

When The Joggers Run The Town by Ben Mendelewicz

sol flickan cover

Solflickan by Emelie Östergren

little boxes cover

Little Boxes by Emelie Östergren

restaurant aa

Restaurant A.A. by Devon Marinac

my fantastic cover

My Super Fantastic Contemporary Art Style by Devon Marinac

department of art 1 cover

Department of Art #1 by Dunja Janković

department of art 2 cover

Department of Art #1 by Dunja Janković

golem cover

The Golem of Gabirol by Olga Volozova

ropi small

Garage by Roope Eronen

future man cover

Future Man by Aapo Rapi

rudy cover

Rudy by Mark Connery

15 New Books in the DOMINO Shop!

Well, we’ve finally added some of the amazing books and zines we’ve had knocking aorund the DOMINO office over the last few months into the store. These books hail from all over the globe and some of them are extremely limited in quantity. So grab em while you can…and be sure to visit the main store to see all the stuff we have!

come close cover

Come Close by Devon Marinac

go figures cover

Go Figures by Devon Marinac

can you tell me interior 2

Can You Tell Me Why You Marry? by Saidana

gagag cover

Gag Gal Grl by Molly Colleen O’Connell

elements painting cover_3

The Elements of Painting by Aidan Koch

glass surface cover_6

Glass Surfaces and Still Pools by Aidan Koch

karen barbour cover

Karen Barbour Art Zine

modern yup cover

Modern Yuppie Adventure by August Lipp

luncheonette cover

Luncheonette/Labryinthectomy by Chris Cilla

offices humans original cover

offices humans cover

Offices and Humans and Advanced Offices and Humans by Roope Eronen

prof dark coverProfessor Dark by Chris Andersen and Kang Le

sky in stereo coverSky in Stereo v. 1 by Mardou

he leak cover

He Leak by Nick Norman

vanilla 1 cover

Vanilla White and Friends


SOCIAL DISCIPLINECome on out to CAKE in Chicago THIS Sat and Sun! DOMINO will be there with books and zines from all over the world, including a bunch of ones so new they’re not even in the Domino webstore yet :) DOMINO will be seated next to the amazing 2D CLOUD where you can pick up a copy of GULAG CASUAL and other amazing books!





Gulag Casual CoverThere will be advance copies of my new book GULAG CASUAL, published by 2d Cloud available this Saturday, Nov 7th at Comic Arts Brooklyn. Also, DOMINO BOOKS, my publishing imprint, will debut THE SOCIAL DISCIPLINE READER by Ian Sundahl.

GULAG CASUAL will not be in stores until its official release date of April 12th 2016, so if you want to get a copy and avoid a 5 month wait, you should really swing by the festival and stop by the 2d Cloud booth (D7). I will be signing copies of the book at the booth from 4pm to 7pm. GULAG CASUAL collects 5 years worth of comics by me and I couldn’t be more proud of it and excited to be able to finally share it with readers!SOCIAL DISCIPLINE

I will also be at the festival all day running the DOMINO BOOKS booth (D7) where you can get copies of THE SOCIAL DISCIPLINE READER by Ian Sundahl. THE SOCIAL DISCIPLINE READER collects the best of Ian Sundahl’s self published series of the same name, much of which is hard to find or out of print. Social Discipline has long been one of our favorite comics here at DOMINO—Sundahl mixes beautiful figure drawing and tightly controlled storytelling over a template of pulp to express a personal attitude. DOMINO is proud to publish this book so that the work of one our favorite artists will finally be widely available.

Finally, mark your calendars for Friday, November 20th, 7pm-9pm. I will have a small show of recent drawings at Desert Island in Brooklyn—I currently have an installation of my work up as the window display for the store, so this will be both a reception for that and a show of new works on paper. Hope to see you there and this Saturday at CAB!

CAB takes place at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church, 12 Havemeyer St Brooklyn, NY 11211 from 11am-7pm—it’s free and open to the public.


A Bundle of New Books in the DOMINO Shop!

Well, books have been piling up in the DOMINO shop—and not just any books! Over the last 6 months I’ve sought out books from all over Europe and the USA, all of them hard to find and highly beautiful. I finally had time to sit down and add them to the shop so that you can grab them. I’ve also cleaned up the inventory and found copies of books I thought were sold out, as well as cleaning up broken links/pages. SO…if you love comics, today is your lucky day. Run, don’t walk, to the DOMINO shop and pick up some of these books!

storeClick above to browse the DOMINO shop or click on individual books below to go directly to their page.

Vanilla White cover



sisaltaa coverin pace cover2am coverrotating world cup coverpit stop coverlove and forgiveness coverorbiters prism coverheelage covercastle and wood 10 covercastle and wood 9 covercastle and wood 8 covercastle and wood 7 cover



castle and wood 6 coverSocial Discipline 8 cover



social displine 7 coverSocial Displine 6 coverSocial Discipline 5 cover

currently being cover