A Bundle of New Books in the DOMINO Shop!

Well, books have been piling up in the DOMINO shop—and not just any books! Over the last 6 months I’ve sought out books from all over Europe and the USA, all of them hard to find and highly beautiful. I finally had time to sit down and add them to the shop so that you can grab them. I’ve also cleaned up the inventory and found copies of books I thought were sold out, as well as cleaning up broken links/pages. SO…if you love comics, today is your lucky day. Run, don’t walk, to the DOMINO shop and pick up some of these books!

storeClick above to browse the DOMINO shop or click on individual books below to go directly to their page.

Vanilla White cover



sisaltaa coverin pace cover2am coverrotating world cup coverpit stop coverlove and forgiveness coverorbiters prism coverheelage covercastle and wood 10 covercastle and wood 9 covercastle and wood 8 covercastle and wood 7 cover



castle and wood 6 coverSocial Discipline 8 cover



social displine 7 coverSocial Displine 6 coverSocial Discipline 5 cover

currently being cover

One Comment on “A Bundle of New Books in the DOMINO Shop!”

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