DEEP FUN @ Space 1026 Philadelphia, Opens Jan 3rd!

Be sure to check out DEEP FUN, a group show I’m curating for SPACE 1026 in Philadelphia. It opens January 3rd from 6-10pm and runs until the end if the month.

The title ‘Deep Fun’ refers to the kind of art that moves me the most: visual work that is unashamedly expressive and rich, but never lapses into melodrama. My favorite artists are always working towards new kinds of image making—when a new element is added to that world of drawing/painting/collage, it can feel like the most sincere pleasure. The work itself is ‘deep’ for pushing the artists picture world to its most delirious frontier. Everyone I asked to be part of this show seems to touch on some of these ideas, at least to my eye. More importantly, everyone’s work together will be a real punch of art!

The show will include works on paper and paintings from:
Rafael DelaCruz

Elizabeth Bentley

Clara Bessijelle

Marlene Frontera

Char Esme
Anthony Miler

I’ll also have work in the show

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