INTRUDER comics from Seattle, free with every order!


Just got a bunch of copies of INTRUDER #4 from the great Tom Van Deusen (I’ve just discovered Tom’s work and really love it). INTRUDER is a Seattle centric anthology featuring work by Jason T Miles, Max Clotfelter, Marc Palm, Van Deusen and more. Along with Jason T Miles efforts with Profanity Hill and Kelly Froh & Eroyn Franklins SHORT RUN, there is a really incredible amount of energy coming out of Seattle. INTRUDER does a good job of showcasing that energy in a beautiful collection of art and comics.

I’m happy to be able to include a free copy of INTRUDER with every order to the DOMINO store—even people ordering the special DOMINO holiday offer will get a free Intruder. But, I don’t have as many copies as the above photo suggests. Order now to make sure you get a copy with your order before I run out!

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