Dark Tomato #2 previewed in THE BROOKLYN RAIL


Be sure to pick up this weeks BROOKLYN RAIL (available all over NYC)—Sakura Maku, author of DOMINO‘s flagship title Dark Tomato previews DARK TOMATO #2. The book itself will be out from DOMINO sometime in 2013.

Sakura is all over the place these days—she has a major story in the current issue of TIN HOUSE, one of the country’s leading literary magazine’s. Sakura is part of the reason we started DOMINO and her art only continues to get stronger and more worth everyone’s time.


One Comment on “Dark Tomato #2 previewed in THE BROOKLYN RAIL”

  1. Florence B says:

    Hello, my name is Florence, I’m sorry the reason I’m commenting is actually I’ve sent you a couple email queries and haven’t received any replies so I’m thinking if there’s another email address to contact Domino Books? I’ve used the one in the contact section. Please do let me know. Sorry again for posting it here.

    Florence B.

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