Jason T Miles @ DOMINO

We are proud today to share a comic by Jason T Miles on the DOMINO site. Jason’s work, for a lot of cartoonists, is such a strong, silent influence. Miles is always pushing his image making into complicated territories, but what I always come back to is the balanced feeling of all his work. There is a center in all of it that is exhilarating to whip your eyes over. And that center comes from something that shouldn’t be underestimated: whether his work is quiet or full of noise, Miles speaks in ‘the language of the heart.’ This is complicated work because it is unashamed of heartfelt expression. As an artist myself, Miles work is what I look to to remind myself to push the hard and true aspects of my own art—and to sharpen the intellectual and emotional tools side by side.

I’m proud to announce that the next issue of PINES, Miles’ flagship publication (self-published up to this point), will be released from DOMINO this Fall. We’ll be posting previews of it soon, but for now please enjoy this strip.

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