Domino Vacation—place orders now!

Hey everyone. I’m heading out of town next Monday to spend September in Stockholm. Ill be back in New York on October 8th. Feel free to order anything from the DOMINO store while I’m out of town—just keep in mind you’ll have to wait until I return in October to have it sent out. If there’s something in the DOMINO shop that you’d like, I really encourage you to order it by Wednesday of this week so I can send it out before getting on a plane. Maybe you’ve been meaning to order a copy of FACE MAN by Clara Bessijelle, who is nominated for an Ignatz award for Promising New Talent—well, grab one now!

Or maybe you haven’t read any of the DOMINO books yet and you want to try all 5 of them at once? You can get them all together and pay nothing in shipping. Whatta deal!

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