International Distro Items and Amanda Konishi

Well, we’ve just added some real gems to the DOMINO shop. Books from Sweden from Sanatorium Forlag—the best art comics publisher in Sweden—are now available to American audiences through the DOMINO shop. And books from Montreals DISTRIBOTO have also been addded—more books on the way from them so keep an eye out.

Here are the books

The Duke and His Army by Emelie Östergren

Maxim Hot 100 by Michael Deforge

The First in Line by Mattias Adolfsson

Catalogue de Boulons by Julie Doucet

We got these books up faster then we would have thanks to our amazing new intern Amanda Konishi! Amanda is a great cartoonist—she did the cover art for the new ish of Snakebomb, and you can also see her work in the Happiness anthology (which is a great collection of a lot of up and coming cartoonists) and she is realy helping us out a ton over here at DOMINO hq. Go follow her on her tumblr!

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