Press Check

Went over to LINCO Print today to do a press check for Molly Colleen O’Connell’s new book Difficult Loves. LINCO is a real gem of a printer (they happen to be two subway stops away from where I live) that so many small publishers and artists (and restaurants in need of a slick menu) use. Here are some photos of the press and Molly’s book getting printed.

Beautiful old Long Island City buildings on the way to the LINCO offices.


This is the press that handles newsprint jobs.

They were mixing ink for Molly’s cover when I got there.

Difficult Loves
cover getting printed!

Same press, at rest.

Some other fine LINCO produced publications.

The plates for Difficult Loves.

Huge pile of paper wrapped in Suspect Device refuse.

You can pick up the final product of all this expert craftsmanship at the MOCCA fest, this Saturday and Sunday at the Armory Building in NYC. DOMINO BOOKS will be tabling with Closed Caption Comics. Molly O’Connell will be at the table with the new book (and some shirts and merch!). We’ll have all our previously published DOMINO books at the table as well—plus, Closed Caption Comics will have a ton of crazy knock out book as per usual

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