Please Help Sparkplug

Sparkplug Boooks is in the middle of of a fundraiser for their next 3 books.

You should go to their fundraising site now and read the full story. I talk about Sparkplug every chance I get because they mean so much to me. As I’ve said on this site countless times, Sparkplug is the main inspiration for DOMINO. The reason people should support Sparkplug now is because Dylan Williams was relentlessly supportive of people he cared about, whether it be through artistic encouragement, or nuts and bolts publishing advocacy help in getting projects off the ground. Dylan believed in helping people within the comics community and when he passed away, I think everyone was amazed to see just how many people he was involved with. So many people wrote about Dylan’s encouragement for them that it was staggering, even for those of us who knew what kind of man he was.

But Dylan wasn’t one to ask for help for his own projects. Now, with his passing, the last 3 books he was working on need a little push. Emily, Virginia and Tom are working hard to finish these projects that Dylan started—I think for all the work Dylan did for so many of us, it’s a wonderful chance to do something in return. Even if Dylan might have been reluctant to ask for help for himself, he would have wanted these books to exist.

Help Sparkplug HERE.

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