Quick Art Sale

Hey y’all. Lots of stuff happening here at DOMINO Headquarters. We are so so so so close to the official release of FACE MAN by Clara Bessijelle and DIFFICULT LOVES by Molly Collenn O’Connell. Both these books are looking like they’re just a few weeks away—were pretty sure they’ll both be at MOCCA. Exciting stuff, huh?

To make the roll out of these books go a little more smoothly for us here at DOMINO, we’re having a quick one week art sale. Nothing too special but just enough to get excited about I think. For the next 7 days, you can buy my portfoilo of prints I USED TO LIVE ON RIDGE STREET for $150 instead of $250.

Just email me directly at austin.robertson.englsih@gmail.com instead of hitting the paypal button.

I’m also offering pages of art from my story MY FRIEND PERRY at discounted prices. Normally $250-300 a page, you could pikc up some this week for around $150, depending on the page. Read the story in full here at MEGAZINE MAGAZINE and tell me which pages you’re interested in.

One Comment on “Quick Art Sale”

  1. These look awesome!

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