Gfrörer, Sonatina, Weird and Closed Caption in the Store

Some really great new distro items up in the shop. Some of my personal favorite comics this time around. Go check ’em out:

Weird Magazine edited by Noel Freibert

Closed Caption Comics #9

Too Dark to See by Julia Gfrörer

Flesh and Bone by Julia Gfrörer

Sonatina Comics #1

One Comment on “Gfrörer, Sonatina, Weird and Closed Caption in the Store”

  1. Anna says:

    I had the pleasure of senieg Endgame last night with my husband and my best friend. I wasn’t sure how either of them would react to the play or if they would enjoy it, I was highly anticipating the experience though. We relied on the, usually, timely bus system to get us to the theatre. I was certain we would be too late and they would have closed the doors by the time we finally made it there! We had about 2 minutes to spare, I’m very thankful they were a little late getting started. I thoroughly enjoyed the performance, the timing, delivery and interaction between Ian and Billy was so engaging the time flew. It certainly didn’t feel like 75 minutes. I found it very funny, dark as expected but also suprisingly funny. I did notice more than one person having a hard time focusing on what was happening on stage, they were very fidgety which I found a bit distracting. My friend and hubby enjoyed it as much as I did. We talked about it all the way to the pizza joint and after eating on the walk back to the hotel. With only 3 more days of performances I hope anyone else that goes enjoys it as much as I did.

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