Mothers News in Every Order

Hey Domino customers. We have a stack of the newest issue of MOTHERS NEWS sitting here, and with each order to the DOMINO shop, we’ll throw in a copy for free until we’re done chipping away at the pile.

I’ve said it before, but I really admire what Mothers News is doing. A newspaper about an arts/music scene written by and for locals in Providence, RI but done with enough care and passion that it becomes relevant to everyone.

One Comment on “Mothers News in Every Order”

  1. Kyela says:

    My car stopped and my deghutar and I had to walk down Coles one evening. Noticed that we were being approached by a group of young men who appeared to be seeing my deghutar and my LV bag. Had to keep walking in their direction but felt safer knowing I was holding the spray ready in case anyone made any moves towards us. Maybe they didn’t plan to or maybe they saw I was prepared?!?! Thanks for the spray.

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