Store Redesign!

The DOMINO SHOP has been redesigned! REFRESH YOUR BROWSERS. There are also tons of new items added (including a bunch more KUS! comics from Latvia).

Go check it out…everything is easier to browse and more organized—we have over 70 items, including mini-comics, prints, anthologies, and of course our official DOMINO publications.

The redesign comes courtesy of Mack Pauly of Space Face Books. Mack was kind enough to overhaul the sprawling site and get it in the shape the work inside it deserves. Mack runs Space Face Books, a publisher we here at DOMINO are really excited about. Their first book, Wild Glass Look back by R. Clint Colburn, will be available from DOMINO soon. But for now why not go over to Space Face books themselves and get a copy from them and check out their other projects. Rat Hex, which will feature some art by our own Jesse McManus, looks so good.

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