Notebooks and drawings

Here are some recent drawings from my in progress comic ‘Freddy’s Dead’

And some stand alone images—more cover ideas

And finally, my comic My Friend Perry will debut on Sunday over at MEGAZINE, a new online arts publication. Here are some of the script pages for that story, written in a tiny notebook.

4 Comments on “Notebooks and drawings”

  1. madinkbeard says:

    Interesting how the Freddy’s Dead work is coming back to a more figural drawing than some of your other recent works. The characters are more identifiable as a whole and in parts.

  2. Jesse McManus says:

    >>>}}}} sax & violins {{{{<<<

    • Karissa says:

      No don’t eat my crafty books, I’ve got bunch of old yolelwy pocketbooks you can eat instead!Kylie Bend the Rules sewing was my first sewingbook and I made lots of projects from it, it’s awesome!Steph, I do like the Sew What Skirt book but I used it mainly for inspiration and to learn more general stuff (how to get the right measurements, make darts etc) rather than doing whole projects from the book. But I rarely follow patterns all the way through so maybe it’s just me…

  3. yeah i started working on this story and felt like i was just repeating ‘here i am’and shelved it. clara looked at the drawings and forced me to look at them side by side of ‘here i am’ and they were of course totally different—which is what i always wanna have, a step forward. so after that i kept going.

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