Domino HQ

A little post about DOMINO’s homebase—we used to be located in Stockholm and we gave you a tour of that—now we’re back in Brooklyn.

Here’s the table I draw at and run DOMINO from. That is the JMZ Subway line tracks you see at the top of the window—our apartment can be seen by passengers on the train.

At night—note the scrolling feed from the DONUT CONNECTION downstairs. They share the address with us.

Here is Clara’s drawing table

Face Man cover redesign in progress

Also down here with us is Bill Kartalopoulos—here’s his desk full of comics:

Ever growing DOMINO STORE inventory

Orders ready to be shipped

Sometimes I draw at the kitchen table

The apartment/studio during a party

and at rest

Around the neighborhood

One Comment on “Domino HQ”

  1. emelie says:

    I really like it, very romantic.

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