Retrofit in the shop

We here at DOMINO are very excited about what Retrofit Comics is doing. Raw Power by Josh Bayer was one of our favorite books of the year. We’re pleased to be able to offer some of the Retrofit line in our the DOMINO store—now you can pick up retrofit stuff when you get your DOMINO books. Enjoy!

Raw Power by Josh Bayer. $6.50 Published by Retrofit Comics

Whoa nellie…this is one of DOMINO’s favorite comics of the year—a comic so good, we wish we’d published it! Every page of this is filled with the most energetic, cruel, high level rendering, insane scribbling, noisy hatching, twisted faces, sickening caricatures, humanistic moments and so much more. Everything there is to love about comics is here…page after page of art that just couldn’t be done any other way. Follows everyone from the Cat Man and G Gordon Liddy in a story about a high level plot to shut down punk rock—but like any true work of art its about more than what it’s about. For me the pleasure here is in the drawings and Bayer’s beautiful turns of phrase, moments of seemingly tossed off dialogue and just the total punch of the damn thing. 5 stars.

Bowman by Pat Aulisio $5

Fungus by James Kochalka. $5

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