Spider Monkey Preview

Jesse McManus and I are collaborating on a comic called SPIDER MONKEY. Jesse is doing the drawing and largely responsible for the tone, rhythm, all the charms of the project. My hope was to right something that Jesse would have a blast drawing and also to reign both of us in from our normal styles and try a stab at something in a different key. I’m very very proud of this comic and honored to work with Jesse. Here’s a short preview of the book, due out in December.


9 Comments on “Spider Monkey Preview”

  1. Weird and oddball-ish. Which means I’m totally diggin’ it! Keep at it man, and I’ll be following the progress. I’ll make sure I keep reminding myself about Spider Monkey, until it’s available for me to purchase come December. Question: Will you be doing anything else with the ugly-nosed usher/ bellhop character. I’d love to see more of him.

  2. my maximum ambition is to make any character as memorable as an extra in beetlejuice, hopefully a stockbroker condemned to slide into a rift in the wall after delivering a one-liner.

    @austin: i don’t stop until i have a disposable cup sculpted after my concept sketch. I assume you have these deals worked out since you live in the belly of the beast now, you bastard.

  3. just bought a pack of tachikawa maru pen nibs today, i think they should do the job. i’m ready to fuck this up. smell you l8r.

    • Mr McManus (or current resident)
      I received with great pleasure your inquiry into Spider Monkey licensing. As spider monkeys principal creative participant, i must thank you for your work for hire efforts in inking Spiders adventures! However i am unable to include you in roundtable discussions as spider and the gang are finalized as the new mascots for little caesars pizza. i can offer you a scale rate on storyboards as per demands.
      I look forward to reading your forthcoming split mini-comic with steve ditko..i believe it is entitled ‘Huh WHA DITKO jesse!’

  4. “No sugar for me, thanks.”

  5. Ashlee Dyer says:

    This was lovely to rread

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