Clara and I worked on murals at this years ŠKVER festival, organized by Dunja Jankovic, one of my favorite artists. ŠKVER is a week long festival that largely centers around international artists paintings murals in a local Croatian shipyard—artists start coming into the shipyard after the workers have left around 3pm. It’s an incredible project—Mali Losinj, where the festival takes place, is largely a tourist destination—lots of fancy restaurants and beaches. ŠKVER, organized by local artists like Dunja, is an attempt to have something else on Mali Losinj—something for the people who live and work on the island. Here’s a small sampling of the work Clara and I did, plus some images by other artists. Hopefully I’ll have more pictures soon—there was a lot of work done over the week.

By Clara Bessijelle

3 above by Austin English

by Sergej Vutuc

by Anna Erhlemark

by Emir Sehanovic

Statue made by a worker at the shipyard
I can’t remember this guys name but this statue was one of my favorite things at the festival.Dunja paints!
by Ivana Zubovic
Clara draws!
Me preparing a wall with white paint.
Tons more I wish I had a photo of…thanks to all the various SKVER artists I borrowed photos from for this post—more photos to come, I hope.

2 Comments on “ŠKVER!”

  1. LOVE THIS. yours and claras are the best, not just sayin’ either

  2. Matija Kralj says:

    it was me who did that sculpture. wow, this was so nice thing to read :) thanks!

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