A longbox full of distro items

Hey, DOMINO just added a ton of new distro items to our store!

Swell by Juliacks. 100+ page fully silk screened comic book. $50

One of DOMINOS favorite comics of all time, SWELL was completed over the course of 4 years. Originally serialized as a minicomic, SWELL is now collected as a fully silk screened book. Only 110 copies—and DOMINO has only a few to sell.

The cover is a lithograph, made by JULIACKS hereself—in fact, the entire book was hand printed by the artist. Truly a one of a kind work of art.

SWELL tells the story of Emmeline Grouse and her family in the midst of grief for Lucy, the sister and daughter of the family who has recently died.

This is a rich, heartfelt, incredibly strong work of art that DOMINO is incredibly proud to get to distribute.

Goodbye and Wedding Day by Clara Bessijelle. $5

Two beautifully drawn stories—Goodbye and Wedding Day—together in one elegant digest package.

Last Night I Finally Got Contact with Someone by Clara Bessijelle. $4

New Yorker style gag cartoons drawn with care and strange humor by Clara Bessijelle.

Brief Travel by Anthony Meloro. $8

Very personal and evocative imagery from Meloro–this accordion book is basically an abstract travelogue. Very unique and worth your time. Screenprinted by the artist.

Onesies by Whit Taylor. $2.

16 page digest size mini with a lot of short, slice of life stories. Drawn with a great cartoony and off the cuff style. There used to be so many wonderful ‘personal’ zines like this, and now I see less and less. This is a strong one from someone with a different voice from most comics makers.

! by Tym Godek $13.

This is a Xeric winner from Godek with a really minimal/sharp as a tack drawing approach. The book itself is lovingly produced: accordion folded, strong paper, pleasing proportions. Godek describes it as ‘perhaps the longest gag strip ever.’ But it’s much more than that. Here’s more from Godek: “! follows a handful of disparate characters, navigating their way through a day filled with trials and triumphs, expectation and disappointment. It’s a love story (or several), or an adventure or a vengeful morality play. It all depends on how you look at it.”

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