DARK TOMATO at Copacetic

Hey, the great Copacetic Comics in Pittsburgh has Dark Tomato #1 in stock. Bill Boichel (or as JULIACKS calls him, ‘the guru’) has this to say about the book:

Twenty pages of trippy evocations of New York City life – specifically riding on the subway and dealing with the MTA – by a long time comics maker that we’re going to go out on a limb and guess that most people reading this have never heard of (although we have had a handful of her self-published works on sale here at Copacetic, as a part of one or more of our SPX hauls).  Sakura brings an adventurous artistic spirit to comics in Dark Tomato, and we recommend it to any and all adventurous readers.  The paper, production and printing (in Estonia!) impeccable, but, with the exception of the cover, is in black and white. “

Bill knows a ton about comics and loves them the same way we here at DOMINO do. So, if you’re in or near Pittsburgh, head to Copacetic now!

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