Behind the scenes with DOMINO

So right above we have the DOMINO central station, where we collate, pack orders, etc. Doubles as a breakfeast table.

Hey what do we have here?  Aw, just all the original lithographs from I Used to Live on Ridge Street. 14 sets of the story there, and about 6 months work. We’re gonna have it available for sale sometime…….tomorrow?? Fingers crossed.

The ultra-dependable press that I used to print the entire book.

KKH’s litho stone collection (pretty amazing, if you’re into that sort of thing).

This is where I wash the stones and grind the previous images out. Ridge Street was made with two stones that I kept grinding down.

Collaborative stone with artist Peter Cleary.

The amazing letterpress that the Domino Books logo was created on!

Tons of amazing typefaces.

OK…off to work on the Ridge portfolios. See you here with them SOON.

3 Comments on “Behind the scenes with DOMINO”

  1. Andrew Smith says:

    holy shit dude! this is amazing! I want to visit…

  2. Looks like a great studio. Very nice work on your color litho, too!

  3. Domino HQ « says:

    […] little post about DOMINO’s homebase—we used to be located in Stockholm and we gave you a tour of that—now we’re back in […]

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