Starting today, Domino will be serializing a comic by the great Jesse McManus. It’s called KEYHOLE and its 17 installments long. A new page will run every Monday. Go read the first bit now!

Many people probably know Jesse’s work from his incredible page in Kramers Ergot 7. I feel lucky to have corresponded with Jesse about art through mini comics and zines for years when we were both a little younger—I got my first letter from Jesse 7 years ago. I’ve been roommates with Jesse twice now, and each time I’ve learned a lot from him. I would often come  home late at night from my job that ended at midnight and find that J had just started to dig in and draw, as he usually stayed up until 6am working on comics. Something about how Jesse structured his days around drawing, and the pleasure he got out of it, has stuck with me for a long time. I always feel like, even though the art we make couldn’t be more different, we share a very similar love for comics—if I ever get down on comics, a talk with Jesse always does me good.

We’re both hard at work on a collaboration called Spider Monkey. Look for it, hopefully, in the fall.

Ok. Much more Domino stuff tomorrow and all this week!

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